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Albufeira Weather

The summer months see high temperatures that attract beach-goers and sun-lovers from around the world.

With more hours of sunshine than California and only short periods of rainfall, generally between November and March, the Algarve has the perfect weather and climate for tourism.

The maximum temperatures in the Algarve fluctuate between 15C and 31 C, with the temperature never falling below zero in the winter months.

The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea greatly influences the Algarvean climate. Summers are hot and dry and winters are mild with hardly any rain (50 days with rain and 500 mm on average each year), combined with pleasant Springs and Autumns.

The sea water temperature is around 14C in January and peaks at 22C in August. A pleasant and refreshing sea breeze refreshes the average annual temperature of the region, which is 17.7C (15C in January and up to 28C or more in July and August). The Algarve region can expect around 3,000 hours of Sunshine during the year which makes it a favourite destination for those who like a beach holiday and a warm climate.


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