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Albufeira is a Portuguese city and a municipality in the district of Faro, Algarve region. The city proper has a population of 13,646. "Albufeira" roughly translates as "Bottom of The Hill", The municipality has a population of 35,281 inhabitants and a total area of 140.6 kmē. The population expands significantly in the summer, as Albufeira is one of the leading tourist resorts of the region. New developments include a marina, golf courses plus innumerable hotels and apartment blocks for the annual flood of visitors. The name "Albufeira" is of Arabic origin "Albuheira" and means in Arabic "lagoon", and in Portuguese, "reservoir" (or sometimes lagoon).

Most tourists will arrive via nearby Faro airport, a short 40 minute drive away. The architecture of the town ranges from typically Algarvian narrow streets with pale white and sometimes tiled houses to very modern tourist developments. The apartments near the newly built Marina e Bryn are a unique splash of pinks, blues and yellows, dubbed Legoland by the local inhabitants.

Once the sun sets the centre of Albufeira comes alive with bars, like the very popular Travellers Rest, restaurants and shops to suit most tastes from authentic Portuguese fare to Irish pubs and sports bars. Local culinary specialities are cataplana (steamed shellfish) and caldeirada (fish stew), and the simpler grilled sardines.

Albufeira is a good base to explore the region with many smaller and less well known beaches within a short drive.

The nightlife on "The Strip", located near the Montechoro section of Albufeira, proves especially popular during the summer with all ages but particularly the younger tourists. Going down "The Strip", the most popular bars include Erin's Isle, Linekers, Cafe Del Mar, Mustang, Garage, Reno's, La Bamba and Wild & Co. There is also an extremely popular nightclub - Kiss. Kadoc, located around 7 miles away between Albufeira and Vilamoura near the town of Boliqueme, is another very popular nightclub.

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